Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Random thoughts

37 signals drives me insane.  Reading this post almost ruined my day.  Having graduated from one of the most pretentious fine art institutions in the country, I can safely say that a lot of people see themselves at the top of this pyramid.  The problem with self-identifying at the top of such a hierarchy is that it leads to an insidious self-awareness.  I can almost certainly guarantee you, nobody will read your code and think it is beautiful because nobody will give a shit about your code. It's computer code, not poetry.

Twitter freaks me out.  One of the fundamental principals of Newspeak was the inability to express meaningful thoughts.  Twitter is a highly digestible format for a particular kind of reader.  There must be a self-satisfaction in knowing everyone agrees with you and you agree with them.  Scares the life out of me, but I still think Twitter is awesome.

PHK's a Generation Lost in the Bazaar is a good read.  However, the issues he claims are problems will continue to grow (especially since hardware tends to compensate for wasted cycles).  A coworker of mine described programming as mastering confusion rather than understanding processes.  There's a coherent thought here somewhere ... but the kind of personality rewarded by the cathedral tends to be less qualified than the personality rewarded by the bazaar.  What I mean is that the cathedral produces incompetent dictators.  Second, the world is undergoing a technology blitz now so it's better to be wrong than nothing at all.

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